Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA


Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA certification program was created in conjunction with cybersecurity and threat intelligence specialists from around the world to assist businesses identify and reduce business risks by turning unknown internal and external threats into recognised dangers. It's a complete specialist-level study programme that provides a systematic strategy to generating excellent threat intelligence.

The Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA was developed using a thorough Job Task Analysis (JTA) of the various job tasks in the threat intelligence area. Threat intelligence experts are distinguished from other information security professionals by this Certification.

CTIA is one of the most comprehensive threat intelligence certifications on the market today, as it covers all stages of the Threat Intelligence Life Cycle. This focus to a realistic and highly innovative approach makes CTIA one of the most comprehensive threat intelligence accreditations on the market today.


You will Learn about Frameworks 2.0 and CREST In the category "Analyse" and specialist area "Threat/Warning Analyst (TWA)," as well as the "CREST Certified Threat Intelligence Manager (CC TIM)," CTIA maps 100 percent to the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE).

Also you will be focusing on honing  your skills in various types of threat intelligence. It focuses on acquiring skills in threat intelligence for a specific organisation, such as strategic, operational, tactical, and technical threat intelligence.

You'll learn on a variety of data collection approaches from a variety of sources and feeds. It focuses on different data collection approaches from various sources and streams. It enables students to obtain meaningful threat information using a variety of data collection methodologies.

Internal and external Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) are discussed in depth in the CTIA study program. It shows how to get these IoCs from a variety of places as IoCs are a good source of information regarding cyber risks.  Monitoring IoCs allows an organisation to quickly detect and respond to cyberattacks and CTIA certification goes into great detail about how to create and distribute these IoCs.

Adopt a systematic approach to threat analysis, threat intelligence evaluation and the ability to Concentrate on a variety of threat intelligence reporting and distribution approaches.

The CTIA places a premium on producing effective threat intelligence reports. It outlines the components of threat intelligence sharing, as well as various sharing rules and approaches. It discusses different intelligence sharing acts and rules as well as recommended practises for sharing TI and much more...


The Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA will provide you skills to ace your CTIA exam first time. It's designed so it'll be exciting and engaging for students through dynamic E-Learning, live projects, hands-on modules to pass the CTIA certification. You'll practice for the Certification exam as well as regular jobs that you'd encounter in the real world.

When studying for the Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA , you should concentrate on the questions that will be asked of you. Mentors also offer support through the official EC Council Platform's forums and chat.

Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA and official EC-Council Exam voucher the will be provided and valid for 12 months. Enrol today!


The Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA offered by the CertHub is a self-paced course. CertHub is an EC-council authorised partner. You will be provided with a number of tools to help you pass the The Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA Exam the first time.

After you've finished the course enrolment process, one of our Learning Consultants will contact you and send your login information to the email address you provided. You can also pick your own start date for the course. After you've paid for your course, fill out the Enrolment Form and specify your chosen start date.

Instructor-Led Videos, Hands-On Practice Labs, the Accredited Practice Exam, and the official Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA exam will all be accessible through your own private portal. All Instructions will be provided and if you require any help, one of our Learning Consultants will be happy to help.

Study Units
Career Outcomes
Further Info

Units of Study:

  1. Introduction to Threat Intelligence
  2. Cyber Threats and Kill Chain Methodology
  3. Requirements, Planning, Direction, and Review
  4. Data Collection and Processing Data Analysis
  5. Intelligence Reporting and Dissemination

Resources you will get as part of your course

  1. 12 months access to E- learning Instructor Led Video Portal
  2. 6 months Access to Practice Labs - Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA
  3. 12 months mentor support
  4. 12 months Access to the accredited Practice Exam for the Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA.
  5. Official Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst - CTIA Certification Exam

Resources you require to begin the course:

  • Access to the Internet with at least 2mb/sec connection (ADSL).
  • Windows or MAC Computer
  • A Webcam for the Official Certification Exam
  • General skills of using a computer

Target Audience:

  • Ethical Hackers
  • Security Practitioners, Engineers, Analysts, Specialist, Architects, Managers
  • Threat Intelligence Analysts, Associates, Researchers, Consultants
  • Threat Hunters
  • SOC Professionals
  • Digital Forensic and Malware Analysts
  • Incident Response Team Members
  • Any mid-level to high-level cybersecurity professionals with a minimum of 3-5 years of experience.
  • Individuals from the information security profession and who want to enrich their skills and knowledge in the field of cyber threat intelligence.
  • Individuals interested in preventing cyber threats.

Exam Details:

Exam Title: Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst

Number of Questions: 50

Exam Passing Score: 70%

Duration: 2 hours

Test Format: Multiple Choice

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible to challenge the CTIA Exam, the candidate must either:

  • Attend official EC-Council CTIA training through CertHub.
  • Submit an application showing a minimum of 3 years working experience in information security or software design.



 25 Hours
Skill Level:
Certification Exam:
Course Access:
12 Months

Completion Certificate:


Course Fees ($AUD)


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