Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) – JAVA


Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) – JAVA certification Program assesses critical security skills and knowledge required throughout a secure and regular software development life cycle (SDLC).

Java is the world’s most popular platform-independent programming language. Java applications can run on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh and used heavily as the programming language used by Android apps. CASE Java will teach you how to develop secure Java programs and apps.

Concurrently, the CASE certified training program is being created to provide software professionals with the requisite competences that are needed by companies and academia worldwide.

It is intended to be a hands-on, comprehensive application security course that will assist software developers in developing secure apps.

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Unlike other application Cybersecurity training options, CASE JAVA Certification updates you with secure requirement gathering, strong application design, and resolving security issues.  You will also learn about how post-development phases of application development work and in addition, secure coding methods.

Some of the topics you will learn:

  • Application Security, Threats, and Attacks: What You Need to Know
  • Security Prerequisites Gathering
  • Design and Architecture of a Secure Application
  • Input Validation Secure Coding Practices
  • Authentication and Authorisation Secure Coding Practices
  • Cryptography Secure Coding Practices
  • Session Management Coding Best Practices
  • Error Handling Coding Practices that are Secure
  • Application Security Testing (Static and Dynamic) (SAST & DAST)
  • Deployment and Upkeep in a Secure Environment


The course will be dynamic, and engaging. It’s designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to ace your Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) – JAVA exam the first time. We strongly advise that you join on to your given Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) – JAVA Labs environment after completing the E-Learning study so that you may obtain a thorough grasp of how the technology is used. You will practice exercises for the Certification exam as well as typical tasks that might be performed in a real-world scenario.

When preparing for the actual Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) – JAVA Exams, you’ll want to focus on what they’ll be asking of you. Mentors also provide assistance via forums and chat on the official EC Council Platform.

You will have 12 months access to the approved Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) – JAVA Practice Exams, which will provide many “mock questions” that are similar to those on the actual exam.


The course is self-paced from the EC- Council.  You will have access to a variety of tools that will assist you in passing the Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) – JAVA Certification Exam first time.

Once you have finished the course enrolment procedure, one of our Learning Consultants will contact you and provide you your login information to the email address you supplied. You can also choose your own course start date. To choose your own start date, after paying for your course, indicate your preferred start date on the Enrolment Form.

You will be given information and instructions on how to access your own private Learning Portal for Instructor-Led Videos, Hands-On Practice Labs, the Accredited Practice Exam, and the official Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) – JAVA Certification Exam.

Study Units
Career Outcomes
Further Info

Study Units:

  • Understanding Application Security, Threats, and Attacks Security
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Secure Application Design and Architecture
  • Secure Coding Practices for Input Validation
  • Secure Coding Practices for Authentication and Authorisation
  • Secure Coding Practices for Cryptography
  • Secure Coding Practices for Session Management
  • Secure Coding Practices for Error Handling
  • Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing (SAST & DAST) Secure Deployment and Maintenance

Resources you will get as part of your course

  1. 12 months access to E- learning Instructor Led Video Portal
  2. 6 months Access to Practice Labs – CASE – JAVA
  3. 12 months mentor support
  4. 12 months Access to the accredited Practice Exam for the CASE – JAVA.
  5. Official CASE – JAVA Certification Exam

Resources you require to begin the course:

  • Access to the Internet with at least 2mb/sec connection (ADSL).
  • Windows or MAC Computer
  • A Webcam for the Official Certification Exam
  • General skills of using a computer

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to be involved in:

  • Application security engineering
  • Application analysts
  • Software testers
  • Software Developers
  • IT Security Developers
  • Java Developers
  • Java Security Specialists


  • Java developers with at least 2 years of experience and those interested in becoming application security engineers, analysts, or testers.
  • People who work on building, testing, managing, or defending a wide range of applications.

Exam Information:

Number of Questions: 50

Required Passing Score: 70%

Test Duration: 2 Hours

Test Format: Multiple Choice

Test Delivery: Online – EC-Council Exam Portal






 40 Hours

Skill Level:


Certification Exam:


Course Access:

12 Months


 Industry Experience

Completion Certificate:



Course Fees ($AUD)


Pay in 6 fortnightly instalments.

No credit check, no interest, and no fees., find out more


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