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Why CertHub?

We are a passionate team of professionals who specialise in providing globally recognisable IT, Business, and Project Management Certifications in Australia for over a decade.

Employer recognised certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Prince2, ITIL, AGILE, Six Sigma plus much more…

Everything we do is to help you the learner, to become a more skilled individual, train in a new field, get a promotion, a pay rise, or even just to help you further your knowledge in a particular area of interest.

With all our courses we provide 24×7 access to E- Learning Instructor led training, E-books for those who like to read, Labs for IT nerds and some courses having mentors available via chat or email. They are subject matter experts in their relevant specialist IT, PM or SAP field.

We are easy to deal with, responsive and resolute.

The majority of our learning courses will include a range of options that allow you to choose the format and desired outcome based on your individual preferences.
  • You can study online learning courses
  • You can book a Certification Exam
  • You can buy all the self-study materials
Our extensive range of online accredited courses covers a huge selection of global accreditations in the IT, IT Security, Business and Project Management specialisations.

Microsoft, Oracle, PMI, Cisco, ITIL, Six Sigma, IIBA and many more.

We Can Help You

If you are a school student, University Student, Graduate or a Professional who is looking to gain new skills, get certified, and wants to get work in the Australian job market, then talk to a member of the team at CertHub. We are here to help you take your next steps on the career ladder.

The Benefits of Being Certified

The very reason you are on this website confirms that you see some value or interest in getting certified. If you are thinking about taking an online certification course, take a look at the benefits below.
  • Globally recognisable Certification – Adds Authenticity to your CV
  • Demonstrates Proven Skills
  • Pro-active Self-Learning shows you are investing in yourself and willing to learn
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments in your chosen product/industry
  • Learn new skills
  • Qualify yourself for the Australian Jobs market
  • Increase your overall ‘worth’ as an employee and can help you to attract a pay rise
  • Headhunters will filter out and search based on certification keywords
  • Can help you to overcome having no ’industry experience
  • Increase your networks by joining forums and study groups
  • Certifications often means discounts and increased chances of getting vendor leads
  • Study for the latest certifications quickly yourself and stay relevant
At CertHub, we offer a quick and easy way to get certified. You can study as much or as little as you like with no intensive study needed or required. Learn at your own pace with no obligation to book or take the certification at the end of the course.

Get access to extensive resources and network with like-minded people in the study forums, or not; the choice is yours. We have a huge range of courses for you to choose from.

Put yourself back in the driving seat and sign up today.

Not sure about which course to choose?

Feel free to contact one of our Learning Consultants via our Live Chat feature available on any page.

As a CertHub member, you also receive the following services:


CertHub’s offers the relevant vendor certification exams as part of its Subscription and individual courses. Employers sometimes require these certifications for the purposes of validating your skills. Most accredited courses requires the certification exams to be sat to allow you to get qualified for a particular vendor. This equips you with relevant, cutting-edge skills that will help shape a long and rewarding IT career. If you have prior learning or would like to simply sit for the exam only, CertHub can help you.

*On average, certified employees earn 15% more than those without certification and are nearly 20% more productive.*

In order to book your IT certification exam, please contact us via live chat or use the contact form stating the exam you would like to sit for.

CertHub will book the exam for you so you don’t have to worry or stress about how to organise your learning, leave that to us. All you have to do is study and sit for the relevant exam to your study and celebrate your success!

Please see below the list of our IT education vendors we cater for and can help with you exam booking.


CertHub’s exclusive partnership with relevant global Project Management certification bodies such as Axelos & PMI, allows us to offer relevant exam vouchers and exam booking services. Certain Project management certifications require affidavits to be completed before you are able to sit for the accredited exam, CertHub can support you through this process.

Business Analysis, Lean Six Sigma, Business/Process Improvement and Service management falls under the Project Management umbrella.

In order to book your Project Management certification exam, please contact us via live chat or use the contact form stating the exam you would like to sit for.

Please see below the list of our Project Management education vendors we cater for and can help with you accredited Certification exam booking.


CertHub will consult with you across every aspect of your job preparation from your education, certification and qualification, through to your business and social networking presence and your CV and/or cover letter while applying for roles. We consult with our students (YOU) in regards to your job readiness and goals for your career and give you straight forward and specific adviceyou’re your career goals – we don’t offer a one size fits all solution – as all our students have different goals and needs.

CertHub will make sure that you are following the correct path of study or certification to achieve your short and long term goals.

We will recommend study/learning or certification that supports and drives those goals and increases your skill level while also helping you climb that career ladder.

We will also be upfront with the reasoning and recommendations making sure we are not recommending a course that you do not need or may take precious time away from your family and home life.


Throughout our many years of experience within Learning and Development, HR, Recruitment and partnerships with Employment Agents we have reviewed and sorted through hundreds of thousands of CV’s and Resumes. Due to this experience and success – we know what gets an employers attention and what makes an HR Manager or Hiring Manager place your CV in the unsuccessful pile.

In a majority of cases these mistakes are often never communicated to the unsuccessful candidates; as once you are not suitable they rarely want to invest any further time or effort to explain why which is unfortunate and also an opportunity that we are happy to seize so we can provide further value to our students and make sure not only are YOU educated correctly but also showing this value to prospective employers or clients in the correct way.

We will review your online business/social networking presence, cover letter and CV/Resume – ensuring YOU are broadcasting the best representation of your experience, skills and personality to the business world and that future dream employer.


Interview preparation to many is – making sure your shirt is ironed, your hair is perfect and your CV is looking it’s best also – this is only a small part of the preparation you need get right!

Having confidence in your experience, certification and knowing the role and company you are applying in sufficient detail is also on top of the checklist.

Possibly the biggest key is knowing what types of questions the interviewer may ask and why they are asking those questions, so you can answer the questions to the best of your ability and communicate your strengths in relation to those questions.

The list does go on and we can help you with these many factors and make sure you are always putting your best foot forward so you are leaving no doubt in the interviewers mind that you are the best candidate for the role!

Most interviewers including Hiring and Line Managers, HR Consultants, Recruitment Agents and Internal Recruitment/HR Resources would say the intangible, attitude and personality traits they are looking for are determined by how you present and what qualities are displayed by the candidate in that first interview whether it be over the phone, via Skype or Face to Face. You can make sure you have control of this aspect by being prepared and confident in not only your background and experience but also making sure you are communicating this correctly both verbally and visually.


When you are at the stage of applying for roles there are a number of reasons why you may struggle or be overwhelmed with just applying for roles in general and the old saying “The hardest job you’ll ever have is looking for a job” rings true. We can help you answer all the questions in regards to:

The companies you may be considering applying to, or if you should be applying only for roles the same as your last/current position.

If your qualification and skills may also put you into the position to be applying for similar roles in other industries or totally different roles in your current industry.

If you should be looking for a different next role that will put you in position to be successful in the role after the next role. There are a myriad of questions and considerations that we can help you answer before starting to apply for roles.

CertHub not only has many years of experience within the field of Learning & Development but also within Employment/Recruitment which can also help put you in contact with only HR/Recruitment and Employment Services providers that we trust, and have developed strong relationships with and would use ourselves if we were a candidate in your position.

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