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Who We Are

We are a passionate team of professionals who specialize in providing globally recognizable IT, Business, and Project Management Certifications in Australia for over a decade.

Everything we do is to help you the learner, to become a more skilled individual, train in a new field, get a promotion, a pay rise, or even just to help you further your knowledge in a particular area of interest.

We are easy to deal with, responsive, and resolute.

Our Courses, Partnerships & Students

The majority of our learning courses will include a range of options that allow you to choose the format and desired outcome based on your individual preferences.

  • You can study online learning courses
  • You can book a Certification Exam
  • You can buy all the self-study materials

Our extensive range of online accredited courses covers a huge selection of global accreditations in the IT, IT Security, Business and Project Management specializations.

Microsoft, Oracle, PMI, Cisco, ITIL, Six Sigma, IIBA and many more.

We Can Help You

If you are a school student, University Student, Graduate or a Professional who is looking to gain new skills, get certified, and wants to get work in the Australian job market, then talk to a member of the team at CertHub. We are here to help you take your next steps on the career ladder.


The Benefits of Being Certified

The very reason you are on this website confirms that you see some value or interest in getting certified. If you are thinking about taking an online certification course, take a look at the benefits below.

  • Globally recognizable Certification – Adds Authenticity to your CV
  • Demonstrates Proven Skills
  • Pro-active Self-Learning shows you are investing in yourself and willing to learn
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments in your chosen product/industry
  • Learn new skills
  • Qualify yourself for the Australian Jobs market
  • Increase your overall ‘worth’ as an employee and can help you to attract a pay rise
  • Headhunters will filter out and search based on certification keywords
  • Can help you to overcome having no ’industry experience.
  • Increase your networks by joining forums and study groups
  • Certifications often means discounts and increased chances of getting vendor leads
  • Study for the latest certifications quickly yourself and stay relevant


At CertHub, we offer a quick and easy way to get certified. You can study as much or as little as you like with no intensive study needed or required. Learn at your own pace with no obligation to book or take the certification at the end of the course.

Get access to extensive resources and network with like-minded people in the study forums, or not; the choice is yours. We have a huge range of courses for you to choose from.

Put yourself back in the driving seat and sign up today.

Not sure about which course to choose?

Contact one of our Career Consultants for a quick chat! Here.

PO Box 245 Neutral Bay NSW 2089 Australia

02 8279 6900

Email: bookings@certhub.com.au

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