The Complete GUIDE to BABOK(R) – Business Analysis Body of Knowledge
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The Complete GUIDE to BABOK(R) – Business Analysis Body of Knowledge


This is an internationally recognized set of standards for Business Analysis that incorporated the collective experiences of various experts located across the globe. The principals and theories outlined in the BABOK guide have formed the backbone of support and foundations of many business analysis practices and departments.

The most recent version of this guide delves into additional subject areas such as business intelligence, business project management, agile developments, and business architecture.



What is included in the updated BABOK (R) Guide

  • Unified terminology and ideas across various business analysis disciplines
  • Improved knowledge areas which provide complete support to all levels of business analysis
  • 5 Core perspectives that outline the foremost business analysis areas
  • Demonstrative examples of how to apply the new knowledge to a range of different scenarios
  • The latest business analysis tactics and tools that are widely adopted within the community
  • Revised content covering every aspect of BABOK and more.

If you are thinking about starting out in the Business Analysis field or you are a seasoned professional, this guide is a fundamental resource that can help you and your business to uncover new opportunities to drive positive changes within your organization and deliver true value through success.

3rd Edition, English.

Published on April 15th, 2015 by the International Institute of Business Analysis

502 pages, in paperback format.

PO Box 245 Neutral Bay NSW 2089 Australia

02 8279 6900


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