Why should I get a Project Management Certification?

In today’s day and age, any concept considered credible and worthwhile has passed through thorough rigorous testing and trials. Now wait! What do you think about Project Management certifications? Do you think your work can be better ranked among your industry peers with gaining certifications? Many conclude negatively with the little knowledge of the skills they possess and are able to complete their qualifications. Before you evaluate, you should definitely observe the benefits of being a PMP certified enlisted below:

Getting qualified and earning a Project Management certification can add more value to your résumé: For example, more business enterprises are making the CAPM (Certified Associate of Project Management) or PMP certification (Project Management Professional – PMI) a prerequisite for their project management recruitment talent pools. Project Management certifications will easily elevate you above your competitors in the job market.

You will be exposed to the pros and cons of the certification through the community of different professionals within various industries. Learning a lot about where you can use your current skills and diversify your industry portfolio. This is made possible through learning (assume you enrolled for Project Management courses). In the end, you’ll find yourself among a distinguished club and group of qualified professionals.

You’ll have the confidence and shows reliability, as having a Project Management certification increases your earning potential. For example, the PMP certification, research shows that Project Managers with PMP certification or Prince2 certification are remunerated higher, not just slightly over the non-certified project Managers. Potentially, approximately $10,000 per year more and the margin has been increasing.

Passing the standard in Project Management for example AGILE, PMBOK or Prince2 will arm you with the you with relevant knowledge that will improve the way you manage projects. These mastery skills will definitely make you an astonishing, vibrant, and creative Project Manager and ensure you succeed with the Industry gold standard.
Regardless of individual differences, experience gained while undertaking the project Management courses distinguish you from the rest. Often times, experience is considered crucial; plus an outstanding intelligence? Gain valuable clients or jobs as they recognise your qualifications and regard them highly.
These certifications expose you to different professional updates in the industry and ensure you meet the standards and keep up to date with certain PDU’s. Allows you to attend various conferences and build you professional network.

You can become a role model, how? Teaching – The result of your perseverance at studying and passing the certification exam will allow you to also pass on the relevant study techniques to potential students. You are able to join relevant Certification chapter in different cities and countries worldwide.

Global Recognition – Your skills will be recognised and valued in any part of the world. Do you know that Project Management Institute was the first organisation in Project Management Industry across the globe to earn ISO/IEC 17024 in 2021? With the PMP certification, Agile Certification or Prince 2, you can work or collaborate with any firm in the world that requires your skills. With the change in technology, remote Project Management is on the rise.

What’s your view now? Is it worth getting certified? Procrastinating? It’s time to pull up your socks and and get certified! Don’t just increase your pay, become and expert industry leader in Project Management.

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