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The CompTIA A+ credential is one of the most renowned certifications available for anyone wanting to have a career in IT. This online study course certification is offered by a non-for – profit trade association known as the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) and CompTIA awards professional certifications for those who want to start their career in the IT industry.

Our online study course in CompTIA certifications are vendor neutral and therefore this means that you are able to learn about various vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, ITIL and much more from one source…

What does CompTIA A+ cover?

CompTIA A+ covers basics to advance concepts of IT. For example, you will learn fundamental cloud concepts, security problem solving, and the power of troubleshooting. Moreover, you will learn about operating systems, hardware, and network, etc. This will allow you to have the right skills for the right role and especially if you’re looking for entry level roles!

This certification program is swift, precise, and has a bright future therefore a must with some organisations and employers.

As we all know the IT industry is growing dramatically and in this article you will learn what the CompTIA A+ certification.

Does this have any value? is this study program worth learning? What jobs you can get after the completion of this program?

These are good questions, maybe having a chat with our Learning Consultants and we can help you…CONTACT CertHub NOW

What is CompTIA A+ Certification?

CompTIA being a non-for-profit with over 2000 members and 3,000 business partners. It developed this certification program in 1993 which has issued more than 2 million certifications. It offers IT certs into different categories. These certifications have significant importance in the IT industry.

CompTIA offers 4 different types of areas within IT that the CompTIA certification programs generally follow:

  • Core certification such as the CompTIA A+
  • Infrastructure certification – CYSA+ or CompTIA Network+
  • Cybersecurity certification – CompTIA Security+
  • Additional professional certification – much more…

The A+ certification falls in the core certification category. The main objective of this program is to make entry-level computer service professionals, IT helpdesk, IT Administrators and learn about how you would go about installing and operating personal computers.

Further, professionals learn how to maintain and customise their PC in this certification program.

If you want to receive this certification, you will have to pass both the CompTIA A+ 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams. These exams cover the maintenance of cellphones, PCs, printers, and operating systems.

Comptia A+ training Online study course

Is the CompTIA A+ Worth Studying For?

Every new release of this certification initiates a new debate about its importance among IT experts. However, others consider it a necessary thing for those who want to start their career in the IT industry.

The straight answer to this question is yes. It is worth to earn CompTIA A+ certification. Here are some important reasons that indicate its worth:

It Proves That You Know IT Fundamentals

A+ critics consider this exam as a basic information technology competency check. After receiving this certification, you can get a coveted technical position. If you are coming from an IT background, its worth getting it.

What if you don’t have an IT background? Then, studying for exams will help you to learn the basics of IT. The exam contains only 90 questions and after the learning and after passing this exam, you will be familiar with the fundamentals of IT.

It costs less than an IT Degree

First, if you don’t have an IT degree, it can be a hurdle for you while applying to an IT firm. Second, you can’t spend plenty of years to earn a computer science degree. Third, an IT degree is quite expensive as compared to this A+ certification. Our online study courses in IT simplify learning and getting certification all at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

The overall cost of the A+ certification is a lot less than a degree. A degree program in some instances can cost up to $20,000 AUD +. Honestly, everyone can’t afford degrees and not everyone can spend years studying.

In simple words, earning A+ certs can be very helpful in your professional career. Many other reasons make this certification worth to buy. Foundational knowledge of IT is most important in the IT industry.

So if you are coming from an IT background, you will already have something to show IT, experts. And, if you are a newcomer in the IT field, it is crucial to have A+ certification or any other renowned IT certs in your hand!

What kind of jobs can I get with the CompTIA A+?

Before getting a certification, everyone wants to know different job opportunities related to that certification. Therefore, you need to know different jobs where you can apply after receiving CompTIA A+.

Entry-level A+ certs holders can easily find jobs as compared to uncertified entry-level peers. In most cases, employers want to hire a person with A+ or some other renowned certifications. Below are a few remarkable in-demand jobs you can easily win with A+ certification.

Technical Support Specialist

This job requires a person who can provide technical support, assistance to businesses, and consumers. A person who can resolve software, hardware, and other technical issues of a system. Troubleshooting plays an important role to find issue in a system. You will learn about it in the A+ course! The median salary of a technical support specialist is $54,000.

Desktop Support Technician

Desktop support technicians assist in the development of long-term strategies to meet IT needs in different organisations. Moreover, they can write specifications for the procurement of desktop hardware, PCs, and other related products. The median salary of a desktop support technician is around $52,000.

IT Support Technician

Maintaining the computer equipment and services of an organisation is a job of IT, support technicians. They have to detect and solve technical problems by troubleshooting. Further, their job is to install and update software and hardware to boost productivity. The median salary of an IT support technician is around $54,000.

Field Service Technician

The main function of field service technicians is to fill customer support. They manage all on-site installation, maintenance, and repair tasks in an organisation. The median salary of a field service technician is around $61,000.

IT Specialist

An IT specialist is a person who has broad skills in information technology. These specialists work in complex computer-based information systems. They have to manage a complex network of computers and other computing devices. The median salary of an IT specialist is around $77,000.

After getting the A+ certification, you can apply to many other IT-related jobs. For example, you can apply for a system administrator, system engineer, and service technician jobs.

How can I get certified with CompTIA A+?

CompTIA offers both entry-level and advanced-level IT certifications. Getting A+ certification is not a big deal. Because of all you need to know the proper process of getting these certs.

Step 1: Choose Your IT Certification

First and foremost, you need to choose the type of certification you want to get. CompTIA offers a variety of certifications from beginner to advanced level. Choose a program that suits you most. At CertHub, If you’re not sure, contact us today and we will help you..no obligation

Step 2: Get Familiar with IT Certification Exam

Many people fail in the exam because they are even not familiar with the topics and do not bother investing time in learning the topics and exam pattern. If you want to pass this exam in the first attempt, you must be aware of the exam pattern. Then, start exam preparation according to the defined pattern.

Step 3: Start Training for Your Exam

CertHub provides plenty of learning and training options that are very helpful for exam preparation. You can learn from a traditional study guide, online practice exams, interactive labs, and online tutorials. With CertHub – You can choose from E learning, practice labs, Practice exams and also the final certification exam. We will help you. Contact us today.

Step 4: Take Certification Exam

After gaining enough knowledge, now, you can take an exam for A+ certification. There are 2 exams, the 220-1001 and 220-1002. We will help you register for the exams. For registration, we will normally ask you for the 3 best dates and times that suit you and then take it from there. Contact us today to find out more.


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