The Benefits of Taking CertHubs CompTIA Security Online Class

CompTIA Security Online Class at CertHub: The Benefits of This Certification?

Online Class in It by Certhub

Keep in mind, choosing what IT security certifications to invest your time and money in can be a difficult task.  Having said that it is so much more conveninet to study taking an online class through CertHub. You have to put the importance of the outcome you gain from the certifications, and then you have to determine which are worth your time. let us investigate why CompTIA security + SY0 – 601 is worth it?

There are a lot of things CertHub can tell you about this, but we hope this compiled ultimate guide will help give you a little bit of insight on what CompTIA Security+ exam is all about.

So really is CompTIA Security+ worth it?

CompTIA Security+ is an internationally recognised certification for IT security professionals and is ideal for those looking to begin a career in information security or to validate IT security skills. This globally recognized online class study course with Certhub consists of all the study modules you need to become certified. Why take this course?

Security+ is a vendor-neutral (meaning applies to most technology vendors out there) credential that demonstrates the basic to intermediate IT security concepts and industry-best practices, and proves a candidate has the skills to perform core security functions and pursue an information cyber security career.

The Certification is designed to supplement the higher level pre-requisite courses such as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), CISSP-SA or CISSP-Security+.

Why employers choose individuals with the CompTIA Sec+…

Fill vacant roles easily

Certifications can help employers fill open positions and manage the skills of their employees; they are a common way of evaluating the work performed by individuals to determine their level of competency.

Moreover, employers want certifications for their applicants because they help them choose the best candidates for a specific job opening.

When you hold a relevant IT certification, it proves that you know how technology has been adopted and used by business. Hiring managers like hiring people who have relevant certifications because they think that the person will be able to adapt to rapidly changing technology.

Employers Judge

When we speak to Employers, we don’t know why but Certified IT professionals are perceived as more professional and competent by employers.

In fact, employers believe that 90% of certified technical staff are likely to be promoted, 89% think that certified staff perform better in their roles, and 89% believe that certified staff are go getters. They have the right technical skill to want to learn to earn and If someone wants to step up, its cheaper than recruiting externally.

What is the Cost and Time taken to gain the CompTIA Security+?

While many things can influence the cost of obtaining the CompTIA Security+ credential. When it comes to choosing, the only person who can make the decision on how we study best, is yourself. Typically there are 3 ways of obtaining the CompTIA Security+ Certification:


Online study options make it a lot quicker, easier, cost effective and also gives you the independence to complete the training at your own pace at your own time. This option can give you the hands on learning you require and it does challenge you to start thinking like you are at a work situation.

With CertHub’s CompTIA Security+ package, you are able to choose from 2 options and you receive all the resources required to pass the Certification first time.

If you are a total beginner and prefer having a human face-to-face connection, then online would not be the way for you. Although in saying this, in order the get the qualification, due to the world restrictions of the COVID situation, Online study will probably end up being the standard.

The Virtual Online Class option is a great blend of both online and in class, where they typically use the help of technology to push out a video webinar and provide you the opportunity to listen to a live lecture and learn. Only disadvantages are that you cannot interrupt a live class like you can at school!

All these options can take between 20-60 hours. It all depends on how you best learn and if you required to revisit the learning material. With the online option, you have up to 12 months to complete the study, so plenty of time.

When it comes to the in class or Virtual option, you typically are required to block out a time to sit down and study. It does require 2-3 days of study time set aside and can be up to 8 hours a day of learning. It can be intense, but you get it done quicker. Also the enrolment fees will be typically higher…

If you have the time, it can be worth obtaining a CompTIA Security+ credential, however, remember, this course is ideal for someone who has a working understanding of IT.

Sometimes when you’re totally unsure, wanting to learn and a beginner on what Cyber Security is, the CSCU from the Ethical Council gives a great understanding for anyone new to Cyber Security and this would be a good starting point.

The CompTIA Security+ is reasonably priced as gaining a certification in the industry can be expensive. Have a look at the options we offer here.

Study It with Online Class choices for convenience


What does CompTIA Security+ take to pass?

The certification exam is made up of 90 questions, and you have 90 minutes to answer all of them. The exam is split into 6 sections:

  1. Network Security
  2. Compliance and Operational Security
  3. Threats and Vulnerabilities
  4. Application, Data and Host Security
  5. Access Control and Identity Management
  6. Cryptography and PKI

Exam can be sat via Proctor (online via webcam) or in person, although the online option is preferred due to the simplicity and also availability. We can guide you through this process. Contact us today!

Before we get into each section, lets start with quick definitions about each term. To help you understand each term and what you need to know about each exam, we have created a short definition that explains what they mean exactly.

Network Security refers to security measures that help keep your data and applications safe. In the CompTIA Security+ certification, you will learn how to protect the security of your network by applying security technologies, including firewall, intrusion detection systems, host-based security, and secured cloud.

Due to the increasing popularity of ethical hacking (CEH V11), I want to also cover off the distinction between ethical hacking and ethical hacking training.

Hacking is gaining unauthorised access to information or computer systems without permission. Hacking is an illegal activity and can land you in jail, depending on the country you live in.

Many people use proxies, VPNs, and other security measures in an attempt to hide their online activities. Hacking is not the same as ethical hacking.

It’s also important to know that you can gain unauthorised access using any software, such as social media. Some of the learning material when studying for the CompTIA Security+ certification that just because you can gain unauthorised access with one program doesn’t mean you can also gain it with another.

The benefits of the CompTIA Security+ certification  online class programs are that it covers different secure areas such as networks, applications, devices, and data, and helps you meet industry standards, such as PCI DSS, as well as Microsoft Global Information Security Governance Model.

Certification Security+ doesn’t just cover modern security best practices, but also surveys security topics such as database security and vulnerability management. Hopefully, this will encourage you to learn how important security frameworks like DevSecOps are and will make you a more thorough thinker when developing IT security policies and procedures.

For security professionals working on enterprise networks, security+ is the way to go because it gives a holistic viewpoint of IT security operations.

What career opportunities do I have with the CompTIA Security+?

As we have mentioned, CompTIA is vendor neutral therefore it is a great start for anyone looking to understand the IT Security industry.

The job titles that it applies to:

  • IT Administration to Information Security Administrator
  • IT Helpdesk to IT Security Helpdesk
  • IT Level 1 or Level 2 – IT Security Level 1 and Level 2
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about cyber security and is already in the IT industry

If you want a job in cyber security, you need to know which security certifications you’re required to learn to earn!

Have a look at some of the opportunities in for roles in Information Technology.


In today’s rapidly evolving market, IT certifications are becoming more and more important.

As technology grows worldwide, the demand for IT professionals will increase as the number of vacant IT positions increases by 17% Therefore, new entrants into the market need to be able to prove their skills and Veterans need to show they can work at the forefront of the most rapidly evolving industry in the world!

Getting the CompTIA Security+ Certification is worth it as it has become one of the qualifications that employers use as a base standard for recruiting IT professionals.

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