Associate Practice Exam + Answers: AWS Certified Solutions Architect
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Associate Practice Exam + Answers: AWS Certified Solutions Architect


In the AWS Certification Study Guide you will get access to more than 300 different questions along with the relevant comprehensive answer and explanation in full. Each question is linked to the official certification guidelines for the AWS certification examination. You can rest assured that every individual exam component and topic is fully covered in this study guide.


This is a comprehensive study guide that will help you to fully prepare for your forthcoming AWS certification exam.


Used frequently as a popular training platform for Architects, Engineers, and System Administration. With more enterprises relocating their data to the cloud, the important and relevance of this certification is now more relevant that it has ever been.


Ideally, students will need to be able to answer questions that are technical in nature as well as possessing the skills needed for selection, deployment, integration and maintenance of various cloud solutions.


If you are study and preparing for the AWS Certification, everything you could need, and more is contained within this study guide.


  • Create S3 Buckets, File backups, EC2 Instances, IAM, and Configure VPC in the practice labs
  • 300 Questions and associated answers
  • Quick reference guide
  • Database Services Monitoring
  • Deployment and Orchestration
  • Matrix Amazon AWS User Case Scenarios
  • Practice Tests
  • Fault Tolerance Systems
  • VPC
  • EC2

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