Microsoft Excel 2019 Certification (MO- 200)

About this course:

An individual acquiring this qualification has had a little bit of of experience, guidance and hands-on involvement in MS Excel. The certification demonstrates competency at an industry partner level and is ideal preparation for the ever changing job market. MS Excel is used in all industries for record keeping and tracking and it ideal for anyone looking for a start in any career. this is a universal certification and individual possessing this qualification are highly sought after.

Study Mode:

Online Only. Instructor Led E- Learning

Course Fees:

AUD $795.00 + GST. This does not include the  official Microsoft Certification Exam. 

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Career Opportunities:
  • Every role that requires the use of Microsoft Office which is nearly every job office/professional white collar based job.
  • Administrators
  • Customer Service
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting
  • IT
  • All industries

Global Recognition. Requires sitting for the one Certification Exam MO- 200

Pre Requisites:

None for the course.

Course location:

Online – 100% Flexible Self Study – You study at your own pace, at your own time. You have 24 hours access via your own private study portal.

Course Length:

20 hours – (depends on the learner, how quickly they pick the skills is up to the student) you have 6 months (180 days) months access to your course material. You have more than enough time to complete this short course.

** Part – time students dedicate on average 5 hours study time per week. This course would approximately take 4 weeks to complete at that pace of study.

Start date:

Within 3 working days payment confirmation and enrolment form completed or you can pick your own start date!

What will I Learn/ Extra Information:

MO-200: Microsoft Excel (Excel and Excel 2019)

  • Excel 2019: Getting Started
  • Excel 2019: Creating & Saving Workbooks
  • Excel 2019: Inserting & Manipulating Data
  • Excel 2019: Formatting Data
  • Excel 2019: Illustrating Documents
  • Excel 2019: Using Basic Formulas
  • Excel 2019: Sharing & Collaborating on a Document
  • Excel 2019: Custom & Conditional Formatting
  • Excel 2019: Finding & Grouping Data
  • Excel 2019: Sorting & Filtering Data
  • Excel 2019: Referencing Data
  • Excel 2019: Creating Charts & Graphics
  • Excel 2019: Working with Different Chart Styles
  • Excel 2019: Working with Excel Tables
  • Excel 2019: Using Conditional Formulas
  • Excel 2019: Finding & Analyzing Information with Formulas
  • Excel 2019: Configuring Options & Settings
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