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As always the face and fabric of technology is going to continue to change and as the larger changes have slowed somewhat in terms of the seismic shifts they have caused in the way we do business social media, IT security, WI-FI and the speed of connection we are now seeing more innovation to software, technology hardware and specialisation to support these changes and innovations driving the changes.


The areas we can see these being the greatest within are to keep it general:



I would say that security is the most critical technology-driven part fo driving a companies future due to the high value of any user generated data. The reason being that organizations use more and more data, they pour of more and more user demographics, this is the security of sensitive information such as credit-card numbers and identifying information – any company, big or small,  cannot afford to have this valuable information and trust (between customer and business compromised) broken, exposed or stolen.


A single unrecognized and week point of attack is all it takes to unleash a reputation damaging attack that could cost into the millions of dollars to fix for your business.  Making sure your organization has no IT Security skills gap(s) is a business must have so you can upgrade your protection and reduce your risk.  With security at the top of the list of worries, businesses must truly grasp and institute effective measures to mitigate these known risks.


Of course this include being educated on prevalent security risks and resulting policies surrounding 3rd party software, remote staff and employees, BYOD, any printing, legacy equipment and it’s innate weaknesses) , vendor management, obsolete training and security policies, social engineering, and public or lax and/or unsecured WiFi. All these factors can have real, financial and reputation implications for both the short and long term company outlook.


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