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Specialised Talent 

As always the face and fabric of technology is going to continue to change and as the larger changes have slowed somewhat in terms of the seismic shifts they have caused in the way we do business social media, IT security, WI-FI and the speed of connection we are now seeing more innovation to software, technology hardware and specialisation to support these changes and innovations driving the changes.


The areas we can see these being the greatest within are to keep it general:


Talent - All IOT sorts of specialisation will become scarce

A huge shift in terms of service roles and the use of data to leverage growth and drive customer interaction will be the replacement of the customer facing skills and increasing use of front line automation – think your local supermarket self service check out.

Not only does this mean having to redistribute and re-skill the customer facing staff that have been replaced, but also the talent that will go into building these automated platforms as they will become increasingly scarce, as the AI driven model will take over from these original solution architects and possibly that skill is lost to the machines also?

The cycle is felt like ripples in a pond, touching all parts of the industry even in smaller ways or not immediately but in the near future on the shoreline.

2019 will also see a number of challenges new and old for the HR and Learning, Development & Education industries as we also face being agile and making sure we move with the industry and listen to the clients and candidates in regards to not only the challenges they face now but also how they and their counterparts overcomes these shifting sands.


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