CertHub’s Course Subscription – Annual or Monthly options

CertHub Subscriptions Explained

Receive CertHub’s FULL IT & PROJECT MANAGEMENT Certification Courses as a Subscription  

Due to CertHub Learning’s exclusive partnership with XpertSkills- the leader in IT and Project Management Certification we can now offer our students (YOU) the option to study via subscription. You receive access to all our accredited IT and Project Management Certification programs bundled into one low affordable price. 

You receive:

  • 24/7 access to all the IT & Project Management Certification Programs
  • Access to Mentors for certain Certification Programs
  • Access to Practice Labs for certain IT certifications, Test preps, Practice Exams and much more…

With over 45 million students globally you can trust the Learning is meeting CertHub’s high standards and you (THE STUDENT) can start with an affordable fast track to IT certification – using online IT certification training, test preparation and mentoring assets fulfilling all your study options and employing courses, books and practice labs as you require.

The CertHub – XpertSkills partnership supports more than 100 professional IT or Project Management certification exams from leading software, hardware, networking, web service companies and professional organisations so that YOU can be qualified and certified CORRECTLY for your industry and employer of CHOICE. 

Simply contact us for your Free Student Consultation with an experienced and professional Career Consultant and we can help FIND the right Certification for YOU.

Certification Vendors

EXCLUSIVE to CertHub – You will receive access to all the accredited Certification courses from the vendors below:

All our Accredited Certification Vendors (alphabetical order):


American Society for Quality (ASQ)
BCS Professional Institute
Information Systems Audit and Control Association
International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA)
International Software Testing Qualification Board
Linux Professional Institute
Project Management Institute (PMI)®
Red Hat
Subscription Inclusions

What you receive when you become a Annual or Monthly Subscription Student?

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Annual Subscription

Annual Subscription (Yearly or 12 Months from the day you subscribe)

Receive access to all our accredited Certification Courses from the Vendors above for an Annual fee of $1,995.00.

* This is a great option if you are pushed to find time regularly to study due to work/time/travel commitments but know you will find the time in the next 12 months when it becomes available.

Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscription ($795 Upfront & then a low Monthly Ongoing until your 12 Months are up – For Renewal, your follow the same cycle again)

You will receive access to all our accredited Certification Courses from the Vendors as outlined above for first 1 month paying in advance $795/per user and then $149/per user, which is billed monthly thereafter starting in the 2nd month of subscription.

This is a great option if you are trying to get your course completed ASAP and are looking to save $$$.

Cancelling a Subscription

To cancel your paid subscription plan, email your request to us via bookings@certhub.com.au .

For Annual Subscription Students your service will continue until the end of your subscription period, at which time your plan will not renew automatically.

The Monthly Subscription Students your plan will expire 30 days after we receive your cancellation notice.

In that same 30 day notice period you will be charged $149.00 as per your monthly subscription for that month, the following month your Monthly Subscription Plan will cease and you will not be charged again until you have requested your plan reinstated at which
time the cycle will start again.

Non-Payment/Payment Unsuccessful/Payment Lapsed – Monthly Subscription

If during the subscription period your subscription payment is unsuccessful via your registered Credit Card for any reason you will need to contact us and advise us of the delay or reason for the delay in payment.

If we do not hear from you via email or phone and you have not received written confirmation from CertHub Learning advising we are aware and we have come to an arrangement – you will lose your subscription license within 24 hours of the payment being unsuccessful.

***At this time any and all Progress through the online learning/course(s) will be forfeited/lost within 3 days of the unsuccessful payment; so we ask that students are 100% positive and understand that all their to-date course progress and learning will be forfeited/lost before nominating to cancel any of their monthly subscriptions.*****

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our learning consultants today for further information and to answer any of your questions in regards to any of the above information.

How Do I subscribe or pay?

Click on the subscribe button below or contact us via web chat or email bookings@certhub.com.au and we can help walk you through the process over the phone.

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From Western Australia,I did my ITIL course online with CertHub,and passed my exam.I found the website easy to navigate and very resourceful with ebooks,video tutorials,podcasts and 24hour access to tutors.The education consultants were very supportive.This been by far the best study experience. I highly recommend CertHub!

Malz K, Western Australia (via FB)

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'I love the fact i can swap and change between courses whenever i want. Its helped me to find a new career path'

Michael C, Adelaide

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'Excellence customer service and great delivery of content.'

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