Certified Penetration Testing Professional - CPENT


Certified Penetration Testing Professional - CPENT study program from EC-Council is all about pen testing and will educate you how to perform in an enterprise network environment that could be attacked, exploited, avoided, and protected.

Certified Penetration Testing Professional - CPENT live practice labs and environment will teach you how to pen test IoT systems and OT systems, as well as how to write your own exploits, build your own tools, conduct advanced binaries exploitation, double pivot to access hidden networks, and customise scripts and exploits to get into the network's "engine room" to secure it.


Windows Advanced Attacks
Because the systems will be set with safeguards, you will have to leverage PowerShell bypass techniques and other complex methods to score points within the zone.

IoT System Infiltration
The first certification requires you to locate IoT devices and then acquire network access. he Internet of Things device, extract it, and then reverse engineer it.

Advanced Binary Exploitation: Writing Exploits
Competent pen testers must be able to find flaws in code. Locate the faulty binaries and reverse engineer them to create exploits that allow you to take control of the program's execution.

Getting Around a Filtered Network
The CPENT certification includes web zone challenges that reside within a segmentation architecture, so you must first identify the architecture's filtering and then apply what you've learned to get access to web apps.

Putting Operational Technology to the Test (OT)
The CPENT range includes a zone devoted to ICS SCADA networks, which the candidate must breach from the IT network side in order to obtain access to the OT network.

And much more...


Certified Penetration Testing Professional - CPENT certification will teach you the skills and also provide you with the resources to how to pass the CPENT exam - first time. It is designed to be engaging for students to pass the CPENT certification through dynamic E-Learning, live projects, and hands-on courses. You'll prepare for both the Certification exam and real-world jobs scenarios.

To pass first time, you should concentrate on the practice exam questions that will be asked of you when studying for the Certified Penetration Testing Professional - CPENT. Mentors can also be found on the official EC Council Platform's forums and chat room for further support.

CPENT Study material and resources plus the official EC-Council Exam voucher the will be provided and valid for 12 months. So what are you waiting for? Enrol today!


The Certified Penetration Tester (CPENT) offered by the CertHub is a self-paced course. CertHub is an EC-council authorised partner. You will be provided with a number of tools to help you pass the The Certified Penetration Tester (CPENT) exam the first time.

After you've completed enrolment process, one of our Learning Consultants will contact you, provide you with an orientation and send your login information to the email address you provided. You can also pick your own start date for the course. After you've paid for your course, fill out the Enrolment Form and specify your chosen start date.

Instructor-Led Videos, Hands-On Practice Labs, the Accredited Practice Exam, and the official Certified Penetration Tester (CPENT) exam will all be accessible through your own private portal. All Instructions will be provided and if you require further, one of our Learning Consultants will be happy to get in touch with you.

Study Units
Career Outcomes
Further Info

Study Units for this Certification:

Module 01: Introduction to Penetration Testing

Module 02: Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement

Module 03: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Module 04: Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Module 05: Network Penetration Testing – External

Module 06: Network Penetration Testing – Internal

Module 07: Network Penetration Testing – Perimeter Devices

Module 08: Web Application Penetration Testing

Module 09: Wireless Penetration Testing

Module 10: IoT Penetration Testing

Module 11: OT/SCADA Penetration Testing

Module 12: Cloud Penetration Testing

Module 13: Binary Analysis and Exploitation

Module 14: Report Writing and Post Testing Actions

Resources you will get as part of your course

  1. 12 months access to E- learning Instructor Led Video Portal
  2. 6 months Access to Practice Labs - Certified Penetration Testing Professional - CPENT Certification
  3. 12 months mentor support
  4. 12 months Access to the accredited Practice Exam for the Certified Penetration Testing Professional - CPENT
  5. Official Certified Certified Penetration Testing Professional - CPENT Exam included

Resources you require to begin the course:

  1. Access to the Internet with at least 2mb/sec connection (ADSL).
  2. Windows or MAC Computer
  3. A Webcam for the Official Certification Exam
  4. General skills of using a computer

This course is ideal for:

Anyone who understands the basics of cybersecurity and wants to take the next step up.

Examples of Job Titles:

  • Network Engineers
  • Cyber Security Forensic Analyst
  • Cyber Threat Analyst Tier 2
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Application Security Analyst II
  • Cyber Security Assurance Engineer
  • Senior Information Assurance/ Security Specialist
  • Security Systems Analyst
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst
  • Penetration Tester
  • Technical Operations Network Engineer
  • IT Security Administrator
  • Security Engineer
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Network Security Information AnalystMid Level Penetration
  • Tester
  • IT Security Analyst III
  • Junior Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst

With just one exam, you might obtain two certificates. Not only will you receive the CPENT certification, but you will also receive the Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) Master Credential if you score above 90% on the CPENT live range exam!


Extensive expertise of penetration testing across several disciplines, ranging from windows, IoTs, and inline defences to automated processes, operational technologies, and sophisticated binary exploitation skills are required for the CPENT certification course. The certification assesses a tester's understanding of not only automated tools, but also manual testing skills.

CPENT is a completely practical exam that is administered online and proctored remotely. The exam will last 24 hours. Candidates have two options for how they want to take the exam. They can either take the exam in one sitting (for a total of 24 hours) or split it across two or more sessions (for a total of 2-12 hours). Candidates must submit their penetration testing reports within seven days of the exam's completion.



 30 Hours
Skill Level:
Certification Exam:
Course Access:
12 Months

 Industry Experience
Completion Certificate:


Course Fees ($AUD)


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