Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer II (Exam 1Z0-809)

About this course:

This is the follow on from the Java SE 8 Associate level. Improve code clarity and increase performance using lambda and parallel streams. Greatly reduce development time and gain greater flexibility in your programming. Java SE 8 significantly changes the way Java programmers write code. Earning a Java SE 8 Certification gives you the tools to make the most of the new features within Java SE 8. Earning this certification helps you cultivate in demand Java programming skills that will serve you well in a competitive job market.

To complete this certification, the pre – requisite is the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE8 Programmer (Exam 1Z0-808).

Take your Java career to the next level with a Java SE 8 Programmer Certified Professional credential.
  • 97% of enterprise desktops run Java
  • 89% of desktops (or computers) in the U.S. run Java
  • 9 million Java Developers worldwide
  • #1 choice for developers
  • #1 development platform
  • 3 billion mobile phones run Java
  • 100% of Blu-ray disc players ship with Java
  • 5 billion Java cards in use
  • 125 million TV devices run Java
  • 5 of the top 5 original equipment manufacturers ship Java ME
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Online Only. Instructor Led E- Learning

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Career Opportunities:
  • Software Developers
  • Coders
  • Web Developers
  • IT Programmers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Systems Administrators
  • App Developers
  • Java Administrators
  • Java Programmers
  • Java SE7 to Java SE8 upgrade

Global Recognition. Requires sitting for the Oracle Certification Exam: 1Z0-809: Java SE 8 Programmer II.

to be able to get certified with this program, the pre requisite is to complete the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE8 Programmer (Exam 1Z0-808) 

Pre Requisites:

None for the course. Anyone can study for the course.

Course location:

Online – 100% Flexible Self Study – You study at your own pace, at your own time. You have 24 hours access via your own private study portal.

Course Length:

20 hours – (depends on the learner, how quickly they pick the skills is up to the student) you have 6 months (180 days) months access to your course material. You have more than enough time to complete this short course.

** Part – time students dedicate on average 5 hours study time per week. This course would approximately take 4 weeks to complete at that pace of study.

Start date:

Within 3 working days payment confirmation and enrolment form completed or you can pick your own start date!

What will I Learn/ Extra Information:
  • Class Structure & Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism & Abstraction
  • Classes, Interfaces, & Lambda Expressions
  • Interfaces, Lambda Expressions, Collections, & Generics
  • Inheritance, Interfaces, & Deployment
  • Exceptions & Deployment
  • Working with the Date/Time API
  • Working with File I/O
  • Path Interface, Files Class, & Stream API
  • Concurrency & Parallelism
  • The JDBC API & Localization
E Books Included
Support: Test Preps & Practice Exams included
Mentors Included. Receive help if required from Expert Oracle mentors.


This certification the the next step after the OCA Java SE 8 Certification. 

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