SAP stands for System Applications Product and is a business solution implemented by various mid-tier to large organisations.

SAP is the world’s largest cloud based company and market leader, owning 80% of the market.

Organisations can carry out various transactions such as accounting, logistics, HR, Data Analytics etc…in real time within the one SAP system rather than having multiple systems for different operations.

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24×7 email support by expert mentors

Self-paced, Depending on the specialistaion you choose within SAP

Completed Year 12 (equivalent) or work experience

Enrol immediately and easily. Speak to your Cert.hub consultant

SAP AG Germany & SIERP (Official Australian SAP Course Providers)

PC, Internet, email – knowledge of general computer use

SAP certification exam – exam fee is $500 + GST for each exam attempt (payable at the time of registering for the exam).

Training Exclusively Through Cert.hub Learning

Cert.hub Learning’s partnership with SIERP (Australia’s Official SAP Course provider) allows you to gain official personalised cost effective training directly from SAP. Vendors do not generally offer accredited courses directly to individuals, but our partnership enables us to exclusively offer The Official SAP Student Learning Hub training directly to you. The courses are developed according to the certification specifications of leading vendors

Flexible Study with Distance Learning

Fit your learning around your current work commitments and lifestyle because the course is delivered online, you have the flexibility of when and where you wish to complete your training. The self-paced study format for this course includes hands-on interactive exercises and practice exam questions, all supported by 24/7 online expert mentoring from trained professionals and specialists in the specific areas of learning of your course. We are confident the training course provides all the skills and knowledge required to not only pass your exams, but also to advance your career.

What modules will I learn? Course Details:

    • AC010e Business Processes in Financial Accounting
    • AC040e Business Processes in Management Accounting
    • AC410e Cost Center Accounting
    • AC506e Basics of Product Cost Planning
    • AC680E Analytics and Reporting in Management Accounting
    • ADM100 SAP Web AS Administration I
    • ADM200 SAP Web AS Java Administration
    • ADM800 Administration AS Java 7.1
    • ASA3Br ASAP Implementation methodology
    • BC100 Introduction to Programming
    • BC400e ABAP Workbench Foundations
    • BC4O1e ABAP Objects
    • BC430e ABAP Dictionary
    • BIT40e SAP Netweaver Process Integration
    • BOAN10 SAP Business Objects Analysis
    • BOC315 SAP Crystal Reports Fundamentals of Report Design
    • BOCE10 BI – SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise
    • BOCE20 131 – SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise
    • BOD310 SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
    • BODS15 SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Fundamentals
    • BODS30 SAP Data Services: Data Quality Transforms
    • BOE315 SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform-Administration and Security
    • BOE325 SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform Administering Servers (Win)


    • SAP01e SAP Overview
    • SAP129 SAP Navigation
    • SAPBIe Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects BI Solution
    • SAPCRe Overview of the SAP CRM Solution
    • SAPEPe SAP NetWeaver Portal – Fundamentals
    • SAPFIe Overview of SAP ERP Financials
    • SAPHRe SAP ERP Human Capital Management Overview
    • SAPNW SAP NetWeaver – Overview


    • THR12 Management & Administration II
    • TSCM501 Procurement I
    • TSCM50_2Procurement I
    • TSCM52_1Procurement II (incl. Case Study)
    • TSCM52_2Procurement II (incl. Case Study)
    • TSCM60 Order Fulfillment I


    • HA900 ABAP Programming for SAP HANA
    • HR050e Business Processes in Human Capital Management
    • HR110e Business Processes in HCM Payroll
    • HR580e Analytics and Reporting in HCM
    • HR800E Setting the Foundations – Introduction
    • HR801E Setting the Foundations – Customize Your Instance
    • HR802E Managing Permissions: Role Based Permissions
    • HR803E Managing Permissions: Standard Permissions
    • HR804E Setting the Foundations – Competencies
    • HR810E Employee Central Project Team Orientation (PTO)
    • HR811E Employee Central Administration
    • HR812E Employee Central Management
    • JA400 Introduction to Java EE 5
    • MOB01 Mobility Fundamentals and Best
    • MOB100 SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 – Development and Administration
    • NW001 NW001_Col10_EN SAP NetWeaver Overview
    • NW100 SAP Web Application Server Overview
    • PL114e Basic Data for Procesductions Manufacturing
    • PL115r PL115r_96_EN_RCT Basic Data for Process Manufacturing
    • PL200e Business processes in project management
    • PL300e Business Processes in Plant Maintenance
    • PLM400 Business Processes in Quality Management


    • SAPPLM Overview of the SAP PLM solution
    • SAPSCe Overview of the SAP SCM Solution
    • SAPSRE Overview of the SAP SRM solution
    • SAPTEe SAP NetWeaver Application Server – Fundamentals
    • SC100e Planning Overview (ERP)
    • SC130e SAP ERP Planning & Manufacturing Overview
    • SC200e Business process in planning
    • SC240e Production Planning in ERP
    • SC300e Manufacturing Overview
    • SC310e Production Orders in ERP
    • SC500e Processes in Procurement
    • SC510e Inventory Management and Physical Inventory
    • SC600e Business Processes in Sales and Distribution
    • SC601e Processes in Logistics Execution
    • SC605e Sales Processing in SAP ERP
    • SC615e Billing in SAP ERP
    • SM001e Introduction to SAP Solution Manager
    • SM100 SAP Solution Manager for Operations of SAP Solutions
    • SMP130 SAP Mobility for Enterprise Architects
    • SMP140 SAP Mobility for Application Architects
    • SMP521 SAP Mobile Platform (SMP 2.3) – Native and Hybrid Application Development
    • SMP620 SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 – Native and Hybrid Application Administration


    • TSCM62_1 Order Fulfillment II
    • TSCM62_2 Order Fulfillment II
    • ACKA1 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Accounts Payable
    • ACKA2 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Accounts Receivable
    • ACKA4 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Management Accounting
    • BOKA1 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Platform
    • BOKA2 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
    • BOKA3 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
    • BOKA4 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP Crystal Reports
    • BOKA5 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
    • BOKA6 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edn for OLA
    • BOKA7 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edn for Mic
    • BPCKA1 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 7.5
    • HCMKA1 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Human Capital Management
    • SCMKA5 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Purchasing
    • SCMKA6 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Sales Order Processing
    • CRMKA1 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP CRM: Sales
    • CRMAK2 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP CRM: Service
    • CRMAKA3 SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP CRM: Marketing


    • BOW315 SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Report Design I
    • 80W325 SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Advanced Report Design
    • 80X315 SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 Core
    • BPCO30 Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 7.0
    • BPC410 SAP BO Planning and Consolidation, version for the MS Platform: Administration
    • 8PC420 SAP 80 Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP Net Weaver: Administration
    • BPC43e SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation: Reporting and Planning
    • BW001 SAPNetweaver Business Intelligence
    • BW305 BI – Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis (Part I)
    • BW310 131 – Enterprise Data Warehousing
    • BW362r SAP BW 7.3 on SAP HANA 1.0
    • CR100e CRM Customizing Fundamentals
    • CR300 CRM Sales
    • CR600 CRM Marketing
    • CR700 CRM Service
    • EDB771 Sybase IQ Query Plans and Optimization
    • HA100e SAP HANA – Introduction
    • HA150 SQL Basics for SAP HANA
    • HA200r SAP HANA Administration and Operation
    • HA300e SAP HANA – Implementation and Modeling
    • HA350e SAP HANA Data Provisioning
    • HA400 ABAP Programming for SAP HANA


After the initial 3 months of the SAP ERP ECC 6.0 system access, you have the option to purchase additional access, for 20 hours of system access over a 30 day period.

Please kindly access the following link, https://www.sap.com/australia/training-certification/course-directory.html for the list of SAP systems available and SAP live access category 1, 2 and 3 prices.

Whichever category you choose; you will be able to access all SAP systems within the chosen category. If you select category 3, you will be able to access all SAP systems in categories 1, 2 and 3.


On successful completion of the course/s, you will receive an executive certificate from Sydney Institute of ERP. Our certificate will be signed and has the SAP and SiERP logo.

On completion of the training, we will be providing a list of recruitment agencies and companies that use SAP.

After completing a course in the learning hub, you can sit for the formal SAP certification exam. The exam is optional. The exam fee Is $500 + GST for each exam attempt (payable at the time of registering for the exam). When you have passed the exam you will be certified in SAP and receive a globally recognised, SAP Associate level certificate from SAP AG Germany.

Find out if the SAP Learning Hub is right for you –contact your Cert.hub Learning consultant for free expert advice today. Free call +61 (02)8279 6900 or email us on bookings@certhub.com.au

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Completing your Cert.hub certification in combination with Prince2 Foundation or Microsoft Excel Certification which are widely recognised and a great way to either kick-off your career or continuous professional development.

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