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Comptia Certification Courses

Cert.hub provides students with access to a range of CompTIA certification courses that will help you achieve recognized status within the IT sector, giving you demonstrable credibility of your expertise and knowledge in your chosen field.

The different CompTIA certification courses each align with a particular cybersecurity or IT Infrastructure career route. CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security + both form fundamental parts of both the Cyber Security & IT Infrastructure pathways.

Regardless of whether you decide to pursue the above pathways, there is a stackable certification route which allows you to clearly demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the broader IT industry.

Course Specialities

CompTIA A+ is suited to those who want to get a job in a technical support or IT operational posts. It helps to better prepare you to troubleshoot and repair problems, helping you to understand a host of issues that relate to different operating systems, networking, security, and mobile devices.

CompTIA Security+ is suited to people who are looking to work as a Security Architect, Security Consultant, Security Specialist, Security Engineer, System Administrator or Security Professional. It is a non-vendor-specific certification that confirms the foundational skills needed to pursue a career in an IT Security role.

CompTIA Network+ is suited to those looking to take up positions such as Network Administrators, Network Field Technicians, Network Analysts, Technical Support, and Network Support Specialists. This will validate your skills in networking which is crucial for those looking for a career in either cybersecurity or IT Infrastructure.

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Career Prospects and Benefits

1. Stand out above and beyond other applicants when seeking employment in the IT sector

2. Attract a higher salary

3. Helps you to transition from a professional career into the IT sector

4. Boosts credibility and confidence

5. Provides the foundational knowledge for careers in IT Support, Cyber Security, IT Networking, Network Administration and more.

6. Demonstrable IT specific training from a Globally recognized organization

At Cert.hub, our ultimate goal is to make your learning journey seamless and enjoyable, from start to finish. We are here to help YOU achieve your future career and professional goals.

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